Domestic Carpet Cleaning


No1 Cleaning Services supplies highly effective carpet cleaning solutions for homes in the Essex area. 

We address a wide variety of client needs, carrying out exactly what you ask for in effective, no-fuss fashion.




End of Tenancy Cleaning

When your tenancy ends, having to properly clean your carpets and upholstery can be a real burden you don’t have time for. Getting your carpets completely clean is difficult and takes time. We specialise in detailed deep cleans, using the necessary tools and latest cleaning products to properly prepare the property for the next tenants. Having professionals undertake your end of tenancy cleaning means you can be sure of getting your full deposit back.

End of tenancy Carpet Cleaning in Essex and Suffolk

General Carpet Cleaning in Essex and Suffolk


General Carpet Cleaning

No1 Cleaning Services offers a high standard of general carpet cleaning in Essex. Our team comes to your home and uses professional equipment and well-practiced techniques to leave your carpet with a stunningly clean finish. The carpet cleaner we use is of the highest quality and completely dries the carpet in just two hours, thereby causing minimal disruption to your day.


Deep Cleaning

If you call on No1 Cleaning Services to provide carpet cleaning in Essex, we incorporate a deep cleaning service at no extra charge. From upholstery cleaning to Scotchguard cleaning, we’ve got it covered. Our team uses the most effective chemicals to sanitise and deodorize underneath carpets, reaching the difficult areas that regular cleaning methods fail to address.

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Essex and Suffolk

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning in Essex and Suffolk


Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

Along with taking care of your carpets, we are fully equipped to produce an emphatic upholstery cleaning service that removes all stains and blemishes from your sofas, rugs, mattresses or divans. Our team can also use specialist techniques and professional chemicals to properly clean the interior of your vehicle. If you have not properly cleaned your upholstery in a while, you will be astounded at the difference our cleaning makes.



Bug fumigation as part of our Carpet Cleaning in Essex and Suffolk


When you have bugs in your carpet or upholstery, it becomes necessary to call on a professional with particular tools and chemicals in order to kill them off completely. We will closely inspect the condition of your carpets or upholstery and determine what exact kind of fumigation is needed ahead of getting to work. Our team guarantees that no bugs are left once we have finished.



Give your carpet full protection by calling on No1 Cleaning Services to install a Scotchgard protective film. Once we finish our carpet cleaning service in your home, we lay down a transparent protective film over your carpet to serve as a surface that captures all dirt. Having a Scotchgard protective film means that your actual carpet remains in the same pristine condition, with all stains sitting on top of the film, which can be easily removed and replaced.


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